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Façade Cleaning and Repairs

If you wish to keep the appearance of your building clean, professional and presentable, it goes without saying that you will need to coordinate regular maintenance. Not doing so, will allow grime to accumulate and make your property far less inviting to visitors. However tall and high your building is, we have the means to clean it. As experienced rope access technicians, we have cleaned all kinds of building from the Ritz in London to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. If you are looking for expert rope access cleaners in London and the UK, then contact us to arrange an appointment.

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Historical Buildings Cleaning and Repairs

Cleaning and maintaining historical buildings requires special skills and handling. Materials in a historical building will have their own specific characteristics and great care needs to be taken to maintain these. It is important that the cleaner has an understanding of these materials and how they need to be cleaned.

Our specialist rope access technicians will be able to identify the material and know which type of cleaning method needs to be utilised. We have a number of tools at our disposal, and we will be able to find the perfect one for your historical building. Historical buildings add to the quality and look of their respective towns, and you can be sure that the beauty of your historical building will be preserved with us.

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Stonework Cleaning and Repairs

Stonework can lose its quality and appearance if it is subjected to dirt, grime and pollution. As such, it is important to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to maintain the look of your stone. However, stone can be rather delicate and it is important that any cleaning is very careful. At Rope Access Provider, we are experts in stonemasonry cleaning and repair. We use high power steam and jetting equipment to remove all traces of dirt without damaging the surface. We can also complete all types of repair if any part of the stonework has broken or come loose. If you need qualified stone work rope access technicians in London and the UK, then contact us now for a consultation.

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Brick Cleaning and Repairs

Over time, it is normal for materials to fall into disrepair, and brick is no different. Brick can become stained with dirt, oil or paint and can become unsightly if weeds start growing through cracks. Cleaning and maintaining brickwork is a laborious job, even more so, if the brickwork is at a great height. At Rope Access Provider, our specialist brickwork rope access technicians can remove all kinds of unattractive stains and can also complete all kinds of repair work such as repointing. We also have access to state of the art tools which will make the cleaning process that much quicker and easier.

For total peace of mind, organise a regular cleaning schedule and we’ll be able to ensure that your brickwork looks fantastic throughout the year. Alternatively, if you would like us to work on a one-off repair or cleaning job, that can also be arranged.

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